What getting outside does for a kid cannot be measured

As parents we all want to do the right thing for our kids. Keep them active; help them do well in school, become independent and responsible. Skiing and snowboarding does all this and more. Kids learn a sport for life, not a game that is played through high school then forgotten. They make choices, become engaged, meet new friends and play, and playing is important! They laugh, they cry and experience a real world, not a virtual one! They are outside, not locked in a room with electronics. They have to take care of real gear and remember where they left it. They learn to trust, listen to and respect adults that are only there to help them get better for the shear love of the sport and kids.

Chairlifts are the real social network above 7000 feet. Both kids and adults share life lessons in a nine-minute ride to the top. Results are priceless. They grow as a person. When they become great skiers and boarders they can become JR Instructors and take on the role of mentor to younger kids. They get healthier, gain confidence and usually do better in school!

Sky Tavern is about much more than getting down a slope. It is about growing, gaining skills, learning responsibility and trust. It is about living.

Go ski or board!

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