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Life with Sky Tavern follows… these frequently asked questions are laughingly called Angie’s List, because when Angie ran the office, these were the most common questions. Maybe it needs to be called Cheryl’s list now? It is a short instruction/orientation/helpful-hint manual for surviving Sky Tavern. It has stuff for both bus parents and member adults. Please read all the way through. Changes happen each season and I am sure things that are vitally important have been left out of all this accidentally. 

Some of the info is for members/volunteers adults and some is for the bus program, but please read it all.



To make the badge, we need pictures and are still missing hundreds of them from people who have registered. Email pictures of all participants to info@skytavern.com. Wear your badge when at Sky Tavern, PLEASE! It is how we know who belongs. Visitors must go to the front desk and get a visitor pass. If you forget your badge, go to the front desk and get a temporary one. It may cost you!



This is VERY IMPORTANT!! First and foremost, you need to be kept informed on the goings on of the program by signing up for emails! If you don’t have computer access, we update our phone message at (775) 323-5125 during our season to inform you if the program is a GO or ON HOLD/NO GO. Visit the website regularly for updates (see Events), news, and pictures. You can also follow us on Facebook!



GO or ON HOLD/NO GO means simply either the program is happening that day (GO!) or not happening (ON HOLD/NO GO!) due to weather, road conditions, or some other reason. We do everything within our power to keep the program running every weekend, but if it’s not safe, we’ll call a ON HOLD/NO GO. The ways to find the message are through emails, the website and the Sky Tavern Facebook page. The message on the office phone, (775) 323-5125, is also updated. The call for ON HOLD is made by 6:30am each day, or at least that is the plan.



When you sign up as an adult member, you and your family have the option to go Saturday, Sunday, or both days! The only requirement is that your children have to take their lessons each day and you as the adult need to volunteer your time each day to help keep the program running smoothly. Please don’t sleep in and show up at noon. This is a bad example to all. Bus students sign up for Saturdays OR Sundays. If the bus student wants to go both days there is an additional fee for transportation. Please call the office for more info about riding the bus on your off days. As spaces open up we may try to work you in. You can also be driven up on your off day, but please Mom or Dad, check in at the front desk. We are working on an “off day” bus program scheduling system. We need to get going before we can set it up and try to fill empty seats. We will try to make it happen by Week 3.



You’ll need skis & poles (despite what the shops say, Sky Tavern teaches skiing with poles (with the exceptions of SkyKids or snowboarding)) or a snowboard (with a leash strap between the boot and board!) with appropriate boots, warm long socks, ski goggles, and waterproof gloves. Again, Sky Kids start without poles.

We recommend a layered approach to clothing so that you’re covered depending on how the weather turns. Long underwear, ski pants, long sleeve shirt, sweat shirt, waterproof jacket, and glove liners are all good gear to wear and/or bring up because you never know how the weather will be or how it will change! Bus students need to have all their gear in a bag for the bus: skis, snowboards, and everything else. It is to protect the bus from damage. It need not be anything super trick or expensive. In 1967, my mother made mine out of zebra-stripped material. I got laughed at a lot, but could always find my skis first.

Socks are really important. Real ski socks are slippery and make getting boots on easier. One pair is all you need. Wearing two pairs at once tends to make blisters and the only things in your boots are feet and socks ––  no pant legs!



Everyone skis or rides with one, everyone. Please remember Sky Tavern is a training area and not a run of the mill ski area. Snowsports is a helmeted sport just like biking. My kids have never skied without a helmet and the youngest one makes Robby Knievel look boring. Be an example please. Helmets are required on everyone, please! Won’t toss adults out the first day for not having a helmet, but do plan on sending the cutest 7 year old with butterflies on her coat, to ask you why you don’t wear one. Think Cindy Lu Who. She may kick you out or give you a kiss depending on if she passed her class. It’s all about the kids! She will have the last say! She is a great enforcer!



The NSAA Responsibility Codes strictly enforced. Violation will result in serious penalties and not following these is how people get hurt.

Seven Points to Your Responsibility Code

  1. Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
  2. People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  3. You must not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above.
  4. Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
  5. Always use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  6. Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  7. Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely.




When the program is a GO, we recommend you be at the lodge by 8am. PLEASE enter through the second entrance and park in the lower parking lot and follow the attendants’ directions. Remember he is your neighbor. The upper lot is for CSIs, ski patrol, disabled persons, board members, ops staff and loading/unloading of buses ONLY. The parking lot marshal is mean! She will send you around to the lower lot. I am afraid of her. Go into the lodge to sign in (front desk) and to register for your volunteer position for the day. This takes 10 seconds. Set up a meeting place for you and your child to meet after classes are over. It’s no fun for a child trying to find a lost parent!

Bus Students

When the program is a GO, we recommend you go to your school pick up site by 7am the first day with your gear safely stowed in a carry-on bag. Don’t forget your lunch, meal pass, or money ($10 is plenty). The pick-up times may change after the first day, but the bus supervisors will let you know. Students can stow their gear on the bus or in our lockers (limited number and you can bring a lock to use on them for the day if you have one).

Please leave the iPods, PSPs, or other electronics at home. Kids lose a few of these each year for various reasons. It is not fun to be the parent that has to deal with an upset kid that has lost something really important to them. Please leave them at home! There are lockers for bus kids. You can bring a lock if you want, but take it home with you every day. If mom, dad, or grandparents want to come see the new budding Olympian, please sign in at the front desk as a visitor. If you take them home early, please sign them out of the buses. If we don’t know where they are, we will hold the buses until they are found. This can make them very unpopular at school the next week.

Members & Bus Students

Kids and instructors should be dressed and have all their gear on by 8:30am when classes are forming. On your child’s badge, there is a level number for which class they should be in. Level 1’s go to a Level 1 class and so on. Classes will form right outside the lodge on the snow by the first chairlift (Sky Ridge). Signs are posted by each class, so just look for your level number. If a beginner went to Dryland Training, they are a Level 2. Lessons start at 9:00am and end between 11:00am-11:30am-noon. All children are required to take their classes each day they’re here. After classes are over, children are free to have lunch, or free ski until the end of the day. Children are only allowed to use the chairlifts once they have passed to Level 3P and above, or with an adult.

Don’t run in the lodge, locker room, or in and out please!



Bus Students

Bus students are able to ski until 2:30pm, at which time they will not be allowed on any ski lifts. At 2:30pm, bus students are asked to get their gear together and go to their bus for the ride home. Buses normally return to the school sites by 3:30pm. Bus students must be signed out at the front desk to go home with a parent as buses will not leave until we have accounted for all kids. 


Adult members and their families are able to ski until the lifts are shut down at 4:00pm. Please help put stuff away before you leave. Things like the ski racks and garbage need to be dealt with every night.



Sky Tavern teaches snowsports. The idea is to get better at skiing and riding, and enjoy it for life. Sometimes it is hard and kids don’t pass to the next level. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries, but if a kid is having problems, seek out a Certified Snowsports Instructor (CSI). It is ok to ask after classes or lunch for one of them to help a kid. It is what they do. Most of the time it only takes a run or two to find the issue and a tool to correct it. The child may still have some work to do, but at least help is there. Calling the office on Monday morning to complain your child didn’t pass is useless. The office just pays bills, but the CSIs teach and pass kids to the next level. Since they are all just parents, a kid has to walk up to them and ask for help passing. The CSIs love this when it happens. They are at Sky Tavern because they want to help kids succeed!

  • Getting punched at Sky Tavern is a good thing. That means the level card got punched and up a level you go!
  • You are what you are punched. A child is the level that the punched hole is on, not the one above it. If the 3 is punched out, Bobby is a level 3.
  • Punching your own level card is a no-no.



(No doubt that there are more!)

  • Don’t be late! Classes start the line up at 8:30-8:45. It is all about you, but class will not wait!
  • No sleds except when we give the go ahead.
  • No snowballs
  • If you use the lunch trays for sleds, prepare to wash dishes. (fair warning!)
  • Kids go to classes every day
  • Equipment stays out of the lodge
  • Kids can ride the chairlifts in class 3p alone or with adults anytime.



  • All parents have positions, no one sits out on the sidelines. Not putting in your time will result in bad karma and a bad relationship between you and the mom that worked 2 or 3 shifts. If you don’t know what to do, ask the Ambassadors with the “?” on their back. They can fix anything.
  • No alcohol during program hours. Smoking is allowed in the lower parking lot only and NOT next to the fuel tanks — really?
  • Please do not load and unload in the upper lot. Don’t ask and don’t try to blow the system. There isn’t one parking space more than a three minute walk in ski boots from the snow. Of course, the exception is getting someone out of Ski Patrol. See the marshal and drive to Patrol.
  • If you are a bus kid parent, please pick up your child at the bus stop. Forgetting means another mom or dad has to stay there until you remember that middle child. Eventually the authorities will be called. Forgetting makes for interesting dinnertime conversations at a few houses, yours, theirs and mine.
  • Bus parents need to be available by phone all day long, just in case.
  • If you don’t like the way it is done, fix it! It is how I got here.



Give us a call in the office at (775) 323-5125 or email us . Please be patient and understand that this is a very busy time for us! We’ll do our absolute best to help you in any way we can. On the hill, just ask the ambassadors (?). They put on those silly vests for a reason –– to help!

Above all, have fun, smile a bunch, and treat every kid like the special person they are! Thanks for being part of Sky Tavern. This place matters and the memories made last a lifetime.

To steal a phrase from an old Reno icon, THINK SNOW,


Updated January 2017

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